Tim Irving

Personal website

In work, I have a background in artificial intelligence, neural networks, expert systems and logic programming. In play, I am more interested in dabbling in art and music - with a smattering of physics and philosophy.

Physics and Philosophy

I have a keen interest in both physics and philosophy - particularly how they relate to computer science, genetics and evolutionary theory. I gained a Diploma in Philosophy from Oxford University and have delivered public talks on the philosophy of 'artificial intelligence' (AI) based upon much of my early work in the pioneering days of 'logic programming'. Essays on philosophical topics can be viewed here. In 2017 I began a Masters Degree in Theoretical Physics at Kings College, London.


After years playing lead guitar in rock bands around Oxford I am now enjoying building and using my recording studio. Some of my solo work as a guitarist are available as MP3 recordings here.


I have been a dabbler in painting for about two years now and have a lifetime of learning ahead. I enjoy creating complex textures and structure in oil and acrylic media. My subjects range from abstracts to landscapes, seascapes and still life. A selection of my work is located here.