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Song Lyrics

All songs © 2005 Tim Irving

Be There

The morning tide is turning
This hole in my soul still burning
I’ve been stoning it cold
Since you put my world on hold
We’re all busy with our paper chase,
Let go and watch the humans race
While I’ve been trying to understand
What you hold in your open hand
So wake me from this dream,
Tell me what your prophets have seen

When your sky’s no longer blue
When the darkness comes to you
When your spirit’s all shot through
I can be there, I can be there
I’ll be there for you

I’ve been losing my sleep
I’ve been getting way too deep
Where on earth did I go then
Your words stung me so when
It’s not like I haven’t tried
To stop us from dying inside
Don’t let me live in the past
Hold fast my ragged ass



Fractal Geometry

Once I was a sailor
On your shining sea
Blown before the wind of my uncertainty
Once I was a pilot,
And I rode the wind on high
Reflected in the mirror of your sky
And then I was a miner
Deep within your earth
Dust and diamonds warming at your core

Bridge: Bm C G
And how long must I wait for you
How long must I care
How many times must I count the nights
When I reach out and you’re not there

Chorus: D C Em
Like a fractal, curled upon yourself
Like a snow flake, or a fern
Like a fractal, strange attractor
Finite but unbounded
Like a fractal

Once I was a preacher
And I taught you all I know
Logic broke my faith, and now I’ve nothing left to show
And then I was a soldier
Marching to your drum
But you never said that the war was just for fun
How can I measure you
You’re like the coastline
The more I try, the longer you become

Bridge + Chorus


You're The Sun

This conversation’s going nowhere
I can’t find the bottom line
We’re just talking round a circle
Too much coffee, too much wine

And now you look at me
Like I'm the one thats fighting shy
Sitting on the razor's edge
Squeeze me though the needle of your eye

Though its tearing us apart
You can tell your foolish heart
You’re the sun to me, so shine

You’re the moon that brings the tide
You’re the light that burns so bright
You’re the sun to me, so shine

You over- complicate it
And I just aggravate it
But its so simple when you see

Let the truth fall through our fingers
So lets just pick a theory
This deconstruction makes me weary


I’d paint the sky for you
I’d steal and lie for you
Cut my heart out on a stone

Night can suck the meaning
From the words that lie between
But all I say I mean, cos
I’m the greatest fool there’s ever been



Body Clock

Some people take you right up
Others bring you down
Some people talk about freedom
As they’re burning your home town

She takes me places
Where the sunlight comes for free
She stretches time and space
Like she's my gravity
She’s dancing in the car park for the CCTV
She’s crying in the movies then
Laughing at the news

When I’m with her and we’re on hold
My bed stay warm and my phone goes cold
I’m upside down, I’m inside out,
Back to front, round about
Its her body clock that's making me tick
Its tick – tick – ticking away

She’s got a map of my world
Drawn on the palm of her hand
And I’m spinning in her hourglass
Just one more grain of sand

She’s running circles around my head
Twisting all the things I said
I’m just part of the grand design
She does logic like Wittgenstein

But when the sky falls and
The world’s got me beat
She’s got the magic
To take the weight off my feet



Play The Game

Sodium burns outside my room
Rain falls black like blood
Wind whips cloud across the moon
Skunk ain’t doing what it should

Fourteen hours staring at the wall
Fourteen hours waiting for your call
You stretch my temper like a rubber band
Your raise the stakes just to see my open hand

Bridge: I’ll raise you, I’ll call you
I’ll match you deal for deal
I’ll phase you, I’ll see you
I’m playing this for real

Chorus: (Bm) Play the game, (G) play the game, (A) Play it fast and low
(Bm) Play the game, (G) play the game, (A) Play it sweet and slow
(Bm) Play the game, (G) play the game, (A) Play it one more time
(Em) Until you’re mine (G)

Who writes the rules, who takes the lead
Who likes to loose, who stands to bleed
Bluff and counter-bluff and raising your defences
Making faces, spinning lines to see through my pretences

Circle left, circle right
Too young to die and too old to fight
Play your voodoo in your kitchen
Make me scratch the place you’re itchin’

Bridge + Chorus

I can hear your heart beat clear across the town
Back beat blood in my ears
You change the rules when the chips are down
Drown me in your mascara tears

Now we’ve cleared the board and reached the end
And now its king on king
In my corner I can scream surrender
But you’re not listening

Bridge + Chorus



Look out of your window and
Tell me what you see
GI’s on the road to Basra
Come to set you free
Got candy for your children
Jesus for your wife
A written constitution
You can sign away your life

And they’re talking on the TV
And the writing’s on the wall
The clauses in the small print
Make no sense at all
Swap your culture for a logo
In the corporate bazaar
Learn to love the dollar
Then your children will go far

Banging on the drum for Freedom
Blow away the sun for freedom
Steal all the oil for freedom
Lie to everyone for freedom

You should have learned your history
This ain’t what you planned
Embrace us in your friendly fire
And rape the promised land
Don’t you worry my children
We’ve saved you from the flood
It’s a new world order
Paid for with your blood

Posing with immunity
A photo opportunity
Wave high the bloody flag
Wrapped around each body bag



Summer Lightening

Feel the heat of the street now
Feel the beat of your heart
Time for a rave and iced lemonade
Cos’ summer’s ready to start

Ice cream cool on my tongue now
Pimms coming out of my ears – got the
Wimbledon blues, cos Tim’s gonna lose
And I need a couple more beers

Ooo summer lightning
Burns me down to the ground
Ooh summer lightning
Got me running around

Ooo you’re like summer lightning
Flash right through my heart
So like summer lightning
I can’t tell you apart

Take me down to the beach now
Just give me the sign
Factor fifteen and a devious scheme
And a boot full of contraband wine

Got my shirt from Hawaii
Got my tan from Torquay
But I been too bold and the bar-b-que’s cold
And you’re not talking to me

Now she’s in a world of her own now
Been drinking the Ambre Solaire
She’s seeing double in a world of trouble
And half the beach in her hair

You can tell the temperature’s rising
Getting wild on the street
Cos you’ve over-supplied and now I’m getting fried
Gotta get out of this heat



I been working real hard in a downtown bank
Burnin’ the midnight oil
Kicking the blues in my Gucci shoes
Looking for some rock and roll
And talk the talk, walk the walk
Buy myself some favours - Do a little networking

Yeah I’m networking - Put your name in my PDA
Just a little networking - I’ll tell you about my MBA
Do a little networking – It’s Gods only one true way

Yeah I’m first in the office, last to leave
Got self-esteem like you wouldn’t believe
Well I can tell right off you’re the main man
From your old school tie and permanent tan
I see from your car you’re a company star
Too bad you keep your brain in a jar

Yeah I’m networking - canapés and free booze
Gotta do some networking – nothing left to lose
I got an MBA and a PhD
But there’s nobody home to comfort me

You know it isn’t that hard – just slip them your card
And big-up your reputation
Keep your name on your badge and your tongue off the floor
And hide your desperation
I’m just a junkie for the numbers - but they don’t add up
Text me sometime and we can meet up

Networking - Why don’t we synch our PDA’s?
Don’t you just love this network thing?
Excuse me while I sharpen my claws
Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Networking - Lets do golf sometime?
Networking - Look me up why don’t you?
Networking - Come to dinner –bring that charming wife of yours…